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Chances are, you don't have an album like HALLAZGO in your collection. Eleven songs, written specifically for solo violin with voice, all composed during a year-long odyssey through South America, take the listener from the very intimate to the absurdly intense. This music is challenging, but it's well written, well paced, and respects your intelligence.

"...a rewarding listen."
-The Star Tribune

"...solid and truthful and deeply intriguing."


released April 26, 2011

Kip Jones, low strung violin (CGDA A=420 Hz), voice, foot stomp

Recorded and mixed by Russel Munson at Small Circus Studio, mastered by Matthew Zimmerman at Wild Sound.



all rights reserved


Kip Jones St Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: Burst Into Song, And
산들이 너희앞에서 노래를 발하고
들의 모든 나무가 손바닥을 칠것이다

The mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and the trees of the field will clap their hands.
Track Name: AWAKEN!
깨어나서 지금 일어나
우리는 살아있다
오직 한 인생만 있으니까
잠을 자지마
눈떠 일어나라

Wake up! Wake up. Let's wake up now!
We are alive!
Because we have only one life, let's not sleep.
Open your eyes, wake up!
Track Name: The Proper Path Presents Itself
함께 걸어갈때 믿음이 있다
그대가 가는데로 나도 가고싶다
당신에게 복종해요
함께 걸을때 바른 길이 보인다

When walking together, there is trust
Where you go, I want to go too; I submit to you.
When walking together, the proper path presents itself.
Track Name: Multi-sided Dice
예수님이 내 힘이다
내가 약하면 좋아
하나님에게서 힘을 받아
싸울수 있으니
견딜수 있으니

Jesus is my power; it's good if I'm weak
I receive power from God
So that I can fight, so that I can endure
Track Name: If It Snows
비오면 들어가자 If it rains, let's go in
눈오면 집만들자 If it snows, let's build a house
더우면 물마시자 If it's hot, let's drink water
추우면 옷만들자 If it's cold, let's make clothes

우리는 새를보며 If we see a bird
나는것을 배우자 Let's learn to fly
우리는 나무보면 If we see a tree
조용히 올라가자 Let's quietly climb it

오늘 밤에 꿈속에서 난다면 좋겠는데 Tonight, in a dream, if (I) fly, that would be good, but
어제 밤에 꿈속에서 말도 못했다 Last night, in a dream, (I) couldn't even speak
Track Name: Voltaic
세 개의 바다를 만난 곳에 있는 파도소리는 당신이다
나는 파선될까?
나는 파선될텐데
가라앉기 전에 갑자기 신천옹으로 될 것이다

You are the sound of a wave at the point where three oceans meet.
Will I shipwreck?
I would shipwreck, but just before sinking, I'll turn into an albatross. Yeah!
Track Name: th'MIND of th'SPIRIT
육신의 생각은 축음이지만 성경의 생각은 생명입니다

The mind of the flesh is death, but the mind of the spirit is life.
Track Name: Walking With Noelle
노엘이랑 여행한다
매일 매우 행복해
노엘이랑 걸어간다
매일 매우 기뻐

함께 해

Traveling with Noelle, every day I'm happy;
Walking with Noelle, every day I'm glad.

Together in the morning, and the afternoon, too.