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K2 is the eight-stringed duo force of Kip Jones and Karl Doty, playing low-strung violin and double bass, in addition to grumbles and other timbral vocalizations. These songs were composed and recorded during a three-week window in July, 2010. No overdubs or edits were harmed (or caressed) in the making of this album.


released June 1, 2011

K2 was recorded by Russel Munson at Small Circus Studio, Minneapolis, July 18-19, 2010. It was mixed by Russel Munson and Kip Jones, and mastered by Gregg Ward at Studio Arcade.



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Kip Jones St Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: Don't Go Away
Well, the river rose, overflowed the banks, and everything's a flood.
The building I've been workin' on is sinking in the mud --
and now you say you're leaving me for brighter, better days! What's good the house? What good am I, if I don't got yer love?

Don't go away - can't you find a way to stay?
Don't go away - please don't go away!

Well, the dogs, we know, they all like you best, gon' follow you out the door. L'il Lulu, Rex, and Fifi, won't come around anymore. And the friends we have, they all sympathize with your side ev'ry time. So without yer love, and without the dogs, I jus count meself so damn poor.

Don't go away - I'll find a way to make you pay!
Don't go away - please don't go away.

Well, we all know the moth dies full of longing for the flame. And the way I lived, desiring you, was more or less the same; I'm gonna swear off all of this lovin' business and just go play the game. So get on out, and take the dogs, I don't wanna even hear your name.

Just go away! Stand aside while I go astray!
Just go away - just get on out and go away!
Track Name: Swine Tumblin'
Well, the Morn shone her pretty little eyes,
It truly was a sight to behold.
Well, the soul of the Swine Tumblin' Man - he never took his eyes above the road.

O Lord, the Swine Tumblin' Man,
rest his sinnin' body in the ground.
O Lord, the Swine Tumblin' Man,
Ain't no more that he'll be comin' round.

The Day marched along with the Man; the Swine Tumblin' Man he walked alone.
When she called out his name he looked away, and never did he find himself a home.

The Night came and laid to the ground the Swine Tumblin' Man and those he killed.
But a cold rain, it fell upon the Man, and so his own coffin he did build.